Longview church of Christ
1401 Eden Dr. 
Longview, TX 75605-4104

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Are you part of our visitation program? If not, we need you to help us encourage each other! Keep up to date with this good work of encouragement, and if you're not already involved, sign up! Everyone is encouraged to join in and help lift up others!


On Sunday morning, we meet in the auditorium to study from God's word. We are currently looking at the book of Esther. This book is unique in that the name of God is never mentioned in its pages, but God is everywhere in the book. Please come and be part of this encouraging time together!

On Wednesday evenings we have started a new study from the book of Romans. Romans has long been considered Paul's great treatise on the gospel of Christ. It shows that, both Jew and Gentile, need to come in submission to the will of God in Christ, laying aside the Law of Moses, which has been fulfilled and is no longer binding, and life apart from the gospel, as in paganism. What great truths are revealed about our relationship with God in this book. We encourage everyone to come take part in this great study from God's holy word.


Just a reminder that we have books from "Truth for Today" and DVD's from "World Video Bible School" that teach the plan of salvation. These can be given to people you know who need to hear the truth of the gospel. We also have other resources available to help share the message of the gospel with others. Nothing is more important than having the forgiveness of sin and confidence in eternal life! If you are interested in giving some of these out to people you know, contact the church office. These are great tools to use to introduce others to salvation in Christ.


Come to our Wednesday Bible classes and stay for great food and fellowship afterwards. Nothing is better than spending time in God's word and with each other in Christ. 


Our Bible reading program for 2019 has begun, but it's never too late to be part of this effort that encourages us to spend time everyday in the word of God. Whether you want to read the Bible through this year, or just spend time reading some passages each day, anytime is a good time to be part of this program. You can sign the lists in the foyer, or let us know of your progress, but let's all determine to make God's word an integral part of each day.